The HBIC Guide

about me

Hey, HBIC! Welcome to the HBIC GUIDE! I’m Jen Ramos Aguilar, entrepreneur and head boss in charge around here. I’m super happy that you’re checking out the HBIC GUIDE - a place to find career and entrepreneurship support, guidance, inspiration, and resources. 


My goal is to bring out everyone's inner head boss in charge™ (HBIC). 

H.B.I.C  definition- she who takes ownership of her opportunities and ideas.

Four years ago I founded a highly successful construction business in a male-dominated space. Along with, my online home accessories boutique- I have used my experiences and struggles as a guiding light to grow both of my businesses.  I like to leverage my journey in order to help others do the same. My motto is "If you know the way, show the way." This is why I started the HBIC GUIDE and became a resource to other women looking to find clarity about their paths. My approach is to stay true to my clients while always searching to find cool, new, and positively controversial ways to empower women in their careers and businesses. This is my passion.


Ultimately, I hope to create a memorable and exceptional career + life while helping others find the inspiration to do the same!





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