Growing up I always believed that I was meant to do big things in life. I felt that no matter what I chose to do, that I would be a good one. So many of us have this innate feeling throughout our lives.

Many of us also want this success to bring us two seemingly important things:

1. Money

2. Prestige

These are some of the strongest driving forces behind everything we do from trying our best in college to seeking promotions in our careers. This was certainly true for me.

Upon graduating school and receiving my bachelor's degree, I got myself a cushy job and began climbing the corporate ladder. With every promotion came higher pay grades. My raises led me to financial independence. I was eventually able to move out from living with my parents and into a loft in a luxury high-rise. I was able to buy the expensive things I wanted, live in an expensive apartment, and brag to my social media followers about it all.

To be honest, I would be lying if I said that money and prestige aren't still in the pool of driving forces behind my ambitions. However, I have come to realize that money and prestige aren't things worth exclusively striving for.

While the fruits of my labor were producing the results I wanted, over time I became miserable in my career and unsatisfied in the way I was using my time. I was constantly working, yet, it felt as though I was contributing nothing substantial to my employer or to the world itself. I began to recognize who I was becoming and decided that it was not who I ultimately wanted to be.

I made the decision to walk away, and instead began pursuing the things that set my soul on fire.

When you know yourself and what you really want, you stop living for money and prestige.

Living your truth is hard. It's hard to take ownership of your true passions when they aren't the most lucrative paths or when those around you simply do not support your ideas. But you know what's even harder?

Being miserable, unsatisfied, or both.

This year I am challenging myself to live my truth. I will do what I want, how I want, when I want, and without fear or questioning whether I am capable. I will let happiness be my driving force.

We are capable of what we set our minds to and what we become consistent about. I encourage you to also chase your wildest dreams in 2017! I hope you are able to find a worthwhile driving force while you're at it. I challenge you to #liveyourtruthin2017.

Overall, I hope this year brings you an abundance of happiness and success!


Jen H.

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