Dive into an enjoyable and calmer lifestyle.

Press the reset button. Night time presents an ideal opportunity to rid yourself of toxic thoughts that may have held you back from accomplishing your goals all day. Creating a stress relieving nighttime routine for yourself that will set a calm tone for the next day is an important step to creating a healthier and more productive lifestyle. An awesome habit to adopt? Disconnect from technology at-least one hour before going to bed. Watching TV, being on social media, and talking/texting on a phone are all stimulating activities that promote more thoughts to the brain, increasing the likelihood of trouble going to sleep and insomnia. Instead, try to focus on winding down by trying the following things:

1. Have a cup of decaffeinated tea.

2. Write a simple plan for tomorrow. Take the burden off your brain and place it onto your piece of paper.

3. Spiritual Practice: Yoga, Prayer, Meditation for 5 - 10 minutes.

4. Finish by setting your alarm for the next day. Take the burden of waking up on-time off your brain and let the alarm clock handle it.

Let yourself fall into a peaceful sleep. Aim for eight hours of sleep, this will be KEY to feeling your absolute best!


Jen H.

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