There are few times that I have felt more whole or complete than I did in Washington D.C. on January 21, 2017 amongst a sea of what seemed like a million strangers.

I was met with complete strangers in every which direction I looked. And though I had never met any of these people in my life, I knew more about them than I do about some people that I have known for a really long time. I knew things about them that are far beneath the surface.

I knew that that they value equality. They were there fighting for equal rights across the board.

I knew that they were brave people. Brave for coming out to stand for love and against hate.

I knew that they were compassionate people. They were showing sympathy and concern for the plight of others.

I knew that they value inclusion. They repeatedly chanted "united we stand, divided we are conquered."

It was comforting. It was healing.

After months of feeling insecure about the future, in a sea a strangers I re-found hope.

In a sea of strangers, I found nothing but smiles.

I found riveting energy...




I found all the things that make me feel warm & fuzzy. For that, I am glad to have partaken in this first amendment event.

The march was a clear representation of the fact that we are stronger together.

It was both peaceful and passionate.

It was magic.

It was real.


Jen H.

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