Take one step today, and another tomorrow.

The step, in some way, must bring you closer to the goal at hand.

A google search, a phone call.

This is pretty standard stuff, I know. But it works!

After quitting my corporate job, as I settled into entrepreneurship, excuses for why I wasn't able to accomplish my goal of starting a blog became the norm.

Phrases like, "I can't build a blog when I work all day, need to meal prep and workout on top of studying, and spending time with my loved ones," became a familiar soundtrack.

I consistently told myself I did not have time to work on my personal goals.

Finally, I became tired of making excuses for myself.

Now, my only regret is that I didn't start sooner.

I committed to spending 20 minutes per day on researching how to code, learn website design, and gather more information on creating a successful blog.

After that, I moved on to spending 20 minutes per day on actually designing my blog, and writing content.

Sure enough, after spending 20 minutes per day, everyday, on working towards my goal, I eventually had a blog with mounds of potential.

As I achieved success, I lengthened the time period I was allotting for blog building. However, I always made sure to keep my blog tasks daily, specific, and doable.

While this was not the speediest way about doing things, it ensured that I did not burn out and give up.

After-all, life is a journey! And every journey starts with one step!

Often confusion about where to start paralyses us. However, small steps are less intimidating and more doable. Set actionable steps for yourself today and begin to act on them!

Soon you'll achieve your wildest dreams and realize that those first small steps were the most critical in terms of your success.

So name your dream. Work on it each day. Tick off your accomplishments. Repeat.


Jen H.

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