The truth is, wasting time is fun.

I mean, it must be right?... Since many of us do it much more than we should!

So what do I mean by "wasting time"?

The following is a list of things I unnecessarily waste my time on (maybe you do too):

  • Watching reality TV

  • Browsing memes on Facebook

  • Stalking social media pages 63 weeks back

Doing these things literally never leads to anything positive. If anything, I use them to procrastinate, show up late to things, and overall, they keep me from moving forward toward my goals. For these reasons, I have taken steps to no longer waste my time, and you can too! They've worked for me and by being intentional, they will also work for you. Here's how to stop wasting time:

1. Quit winging everything

When you go through your days just winging it, it is possible that you may get *some* stuff done but not as much stuff as you possibly could if you plan it all out ahead of time with a list. I am a big fan of writing things down. This in itself makes it more likely that I will get something done because it helps solidify the thought to do it in my mind, but also, it serves as a reminder whenever I look down at what I wrote at a later time.

2. Focus on your time-sensitive tasks

Sometimes we don't think we are procrastinating when we are keeping busy. The truth is, if you have a task with an approaching deadline and you are instead using your time to do other tasks that are not time-sensitive, then you are in fact wasting time by doing busy work. Do the things that have a deadline first, and do the things that don't when you are done with time-sensitive matters.

3. Stop mindlessly checking your phone for notifications

When I have important things to get done, for some reason I find myself picking up my phone every five minutes and refreshing my apps, especially my e-mail app to see if I have any new notifications. This is truly just a huge waste of time. Checking one thing quickly leads to jumping onto social media and falling into a black hole of procrastination. Just don't do it. Instead get your tasks done and avoid falling into a distraction trap!

Just remember, if you allow your distractions to win: you don't.


Jen H.

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