BUILD CHARGE DAILY: 01/15/2022 - The enemy of progression is distraction.

The enemy of progression is distraction.

I woke up this morning with my room in a mess, thirsty from eating something sweet before going to bed last night, and stressed about all of the work I have been needing to catch up on. To add on to the small things, there is a bigger personal issue I have been dealing with since the final days of 2021 (more on that later). All of this was pushing me towards engaging in distractions that would bring me some joy today like binge watching Queen of Flow, my new Netflix favorite - and of course eating whatever my heart desired... that would have been the cherry on top!

While all of this would have made for an amazing Saturday, I decided to listen to a voice inside me that said I needed to take charge of my day instead.

So I got up, I walked over to the kitchen to start slicing some bell peppers and cracked open egg whites onto a sizzling hot pan. While those were cooking, I popped my new favorite Trader Joe's coffee cup into the Keurig. The air quickly filled with a comforting aromatic Colombian coffee smell. I took my first sip and everything felt just right for a moment (you know the feeling). After a light/healthy breakfast, I took my three dogs out and cleaned the backyard, came back in to wash dishes which got me in the mood to continue cleaning.

I then starting cleaning my entire home, and organizing some paperwork I had lying around. Very seamlessly, the choice to not give in to a lazy weekend day led me to a healthy meal and cleaning the mess that was stressing me out earlier. The choice to not get distracted paved the way toward getting some sh*t done!

I didn't quite get to the part where I wanted to sit in front of my computer to catch up on some work but getting 50% of the way there as opposed to getting 0% progress out of my day is reducing my stress and anxiety at this moment.

Don't let the distractions consume you for too long, HBIC. You can either choose distractions, or you can choose progress. And by the way... a little bit of both is still OK.


Head Boss In Charge